Rancho 9000 Series Shock Absorbers

Rancho 9000 Shocks

The Rancho RS9000 series gives you a choice of valving for your vehicle, without removing the shock. With the RS9000 series you can manually adjust to up to 9 positions, soft to firm, with the simple rotation of an external knob.

This allows you to adjust the front and rear differently, to your specs, and to your own driving needs. No other product allows for this versatility in dampening and adjustment.

  • Tri-tube low pressure cellular gas design.
  • 9 position adjustment for desired performance.
  • Graphite-impregnated Teflon band inside for smooth reliable performance.
  • Double welded loops.
  • 5/8 hardened rod, double chromed for long wear.
  • Red boot included with most applications

Rancho Series 9000 Shocks

RS99701 Rancho In-Cab Remote Adjuster

The Rancho in cab remote control Installs exclusively with the RS9000X 9-position shocks. Allows you to adjust damping without leaving your vehicle. HD all weather air compressor included. Push to connect fittings throughout the system.


RS99701 Rancho In-Cab Remote Adjuster

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