Upper Strut Mounts

Upper mounts are unique to a strut suspension. These are where the chrome shaft of the strut is supported. In most cases they have a bearing in them (especially in the front ones, because a front suspension turns/pivots left and right), though they can also just have a bushing. Sometimes they may just be some bushings and washers. Every vehicle is different. The image above shows an example of 3 kinds of upper mount kits for 3 different vehicles. In most cases yours can be reused, but it can be cost effective to change them if they are worn or bad, since they usually have to removed when changing a strut. Symptoms of a bad mount can be unusual noises like creaking and popping. Or an unusual amount of play in them. Or sometimes the rubber portion may rot or break.

Upper Mounts are made by several companies, depending on the application and availblility.